Welcome to Rediscovering Life,

Life is all about discovering and rediscovering it. Often, we miss out on the beautiful aspects that life has for us. The factors that make us miss are stress, tension, busy day/s and much more. So, here at Rediscovering Life, I, Sagar Agarwal, bring to you a different perspective to look at life, throwing out abundance of positive vibes and happiness in your life.

What motivates you? How do you respond to motivation when someone shares words of motivation or when you read something motivational? These questions were hopping in my mind when my friend asked,
‘You must have heard and read a billion quotes by now, but, have you taken Your First Step?” and to be honest, I said, “No, I haven’t”. He added, “The first step is always the hardest, but it’s that very step which will help you to take thousand more steps towards Your DREAMS“. That was the very moment when I thought, I need to take that very First Step and here I am, with my Initial and the most important step, i.e., with my First Blog, ‘Rediscovering Life’.
Who am I? – I am Sagar Agarwal, a writer, public speaker, public speaking coach and an entrepreneur. I am the CEO and a Coach at ‘ExpressIt Academy‘ and the Director of BrainEdifier.
What am I fond of more? -I am fond of writing since my school days and have been writing numerous articles on various topics. Very recently, I came to end with writing my first book, “What’s Success For You?”, which is now being edited and it will soon be released in the market.
Friends, I am sure you would be having a magnificent journey out here at Rediscovering Life.

Keep reading and Enjoy Reading… aaha, before I leave, I’d want to say that, Feedback is the breakfast for Writers and I would really appreciate if you could spend a little more time in giving me feedback for every article I write.

For updates & to stay connected, Follow the Blog, you’ll see a follow button towards the bottom at the right-hand corner.

Hasta la vista (See You Later), till then keep reading, keep browsing.

Sagar Agarwal
Writer, Public Speaking Coach and Entrepreneur

Hasta La Vista,
Sagar Agarwal

4 Responses to Welcome

  1. Mansi agarwal says:

    Bhaiya, the way you’ve introduced yourself… Love it!

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  2. Loved the introduction. I was engaging ☺️

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