“Can You Overcome Your Fear?”

Can you overcome Your Fear?

Everyone of us, live with, some or the other Fear in life. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of falling and what not. Our fears goes on a terrible hike just like our wishes.

Paulo Coelho, in The Alchemist, has quoted, “There’s only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure

A student studying in 8th standard may have a fear of getting bad results in his examination, an employee may have an extreme fear of getting pushed out of the job because of No Work at hand and an employer may have a reluctant fear of going into loss. We all are surrounded by that colossal pool of Fear, in which, we enjoy paddling. But, if you have a burning desire to achieve your dream, you will have to swim out of that unfavorable pool of Failure and take a ride on the wheels of success.

Jack Canfield quotes, “Everything you want is on the other side of the failure”.

Now, it’s, Your Ultimate Decision, whether to be atrociously lazy and to stay in the Pool of Failures or hop out of it and Live your Dreams. Remember to face your fears rather than running away from them, and only then, can you, live a successful life.

I had a Fear, the fear of failure, which said that, I shall never be able to write a blog, but, I took up the challenge to face it. There on, began my journey of a joyful and uncomplicated life. And here I am writing to you a short but a passionate article on Fear.

With this, i’d like to quote,

Reject Failure, before Failure rejects YOU!

Keep Reading,
Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal


About sagarwal_author

A writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an emerging author.
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