“Are you Out of Love?”

Do you feel that you cannot spread Love? Do you feel that there’s no Love in you, ANYMORE? Do you feel that you are out of the capacity of LOVE in you and your heart? If YES, then you probably don’t have a heart! Check it out, NOW I SAY! Place your right-hand firmly on the place where you heart was or is, and check, whether you can feel the beats, CAN YOU FEEL THE BEATS?? Oh yes, YOU CAN. So, YOU HAVE A BEATING HEART!

By now, you must be thinking, “How do I feel out of love when my heart still exists and is still beating?” That is exactly my point, my friend; you cannot get bankrupted or robbed off in the case of LOVE. You have abundant love in Yourself, so why do you keep feeling that you do not have Love? That’s your problem, right? The problem lays behind a simple fact, and that is, You ‘Feel’ you do not have ample of love to share.

“Love can never ever go on a loss; instead it just hides beneath the emotion called Fear, the fear of losing Love. “ – Sagar Agarwal

Is it Clear now? Pause right there, Before you answer the question with a Yes or No, wait for a moment. Let’s understand the eloquent reason behind the ‘feeling of losing out love‘. Understanding this is not simple, instead, it is effortless!
In Love, the most important factor, that plays a major role to keep it going, is TRUST. Let’s see a simple story that will explain this not-so-very complex concept of Love and Trust.

It was that cold winter morning, when Deo, sitting on one of the back benches of the classroom, busy chatting with his friends on Chatsupp, saw a young and beautiful girl with long hair and a pretty face as she was silently and slowly entering the classroom from the backdoor. It was indeed love at first sight. Arya was late for the lecture and as she calmly entered from the backdoor, without letting the lecturer know, she sat besides Deo and whispered, “Hi, I am Arya, what’s your name?” to which Deo replied loudly, “Hey Hiii, am Deo” because of which the angry lecturer turned back and ordered, “Mr. Deo and Miss Arya, out of my class, right now!”. Deo and Arya went to the campus garden, sat on a bench, and said nothing. After a long silence of 15 minutes, Arya laughed out hard, to which, astonished Deo smiled and asked, “Why are you laughing?” Arya replied, “Deo, thank God you said that HI so loudly, I was bugged up attending those boring lectures” and then Arya and Deo laughed together. This funny bunking of lectures went on and on for months and Deo and Arya kept hanging out here and there, sometimes in the garden and other times, in a nearby mall or in cinema theatres.

One morning, at 8am, Deo thought to call Arya and dialed her number, the bell was ringing, and after a few seconds, she answered the call, “Hey Deo, Good Morning, I was thinking about you, how are you?” Arya waited for a few seconds but as Deo didn’t reply, she said confused, “Deo, you there, Deo?” after which, he replied shockingly, as if he broke up from his sleep, “Hey hey, you were thinking about me? Why? I mean…, this early morning?” “Deo, calm down, yes, I was thinking about you, because I feel….I…” now at this point, Deo was waiting for that very moment, which he knew was to come and he asked interrupting Arya, “Yes, I….what?”, “Deo, I…ummm…I..Love You” Arya replied gleefully. Arya had confessed her love for Deo and as Deo was in love with her since that first moment when he had seen her, he took no other moment and hurriedly uttered “I love you too Arya. I loved you since that day when I saw you entering the classroom silently, hiding from the lecturer’s eyes and I was just waiting for this day.” The cute couple, spent the next few years cheerfully. They could in fact spend a whole day and whole night talking to each other. Two and a half years passed, they were still in a relationship with each other and never did they face any problems. Deo and Arya graduated from college and had applied for jobs. One day, Deo got an email, which said, that he is eligible for a marketing intern job in La Belle, United States and hence he had to move on to a new country for his job. Deo happily went to Arya’s residence, hugged her tight, unknown that this internship could affect his relationship with Arya, and  said, “Arya, Arya, Arya, I have got a job in La Belle, US. I am very happy.  I have accepted the opportunity and am flying to US next month to fulfill my dreams.” This news, though one of the best news for both of them, left Arya shattered. With a sad face, she said, “Deo, how could you accept the job? What about us? You would be in a different city and I would be in a different city, my life is here, and your life would be there?”, “So what Arya?”, replied Deo, “We will have a long distance relationship, we’ll chat, we’ll video call each another, we’ll talk on calls, I’ll also come here on holidays, we can live our life through long distance relationship for a few years Arya!”. But Arya wasn’t still happy. “How do I believe that you won’t have an affair with some other girl there? How will I know that you are not cheating me?” said unconvinced Arya. Deo was shocked to know that Arya doesn’t believe in his love for her. Deo tried hard to convince her but all her efforts went in vain when Arya said, “Deo, you should have talked to me before accepting the proposal, I cannot live in this kind of relationship, I can never believe your words, am breaking up with you, RIGHT NOW!” Deo and Arya had no other way out and the relationship that they were living in without any calamities had now taken a drastic break up because Arya could not develop Trust for Deo and his love. Deo had lost all the Trust in Love and he felt as if the Love within him has been vanished away.

Someone had developed a meaningful quote for this situation, that, Trust takes Years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair, just like the above example where, in no seconds, the character Arya broke the relationship because she could not trust the character Deo and Deo could not believe in Love any more.
When you feel that your heart is now less on Love, it means that, trust has failed. You or your special someone could not rely on that Trust to live a happy life ahead. This does not means that Love takes no place in your heart, it’s just that, your love has been traumatized (shattered).  Even after this, you have to live your life, bring back love to your heart and let it Live. To do that, smile every second, enjoy every moment, live everyday and love, love even those who don’t like you, for this can bring a long-lasting grin on your face and your heart will shine brighter than the twinkling star and with that your life will glow more than the gold.

One more thing, Look at the mirror everyday and say to Yourself as loudly as you can, “I Love You…” and make EveryDay Good, Better, Best.  If you ever feel Out of Love, refuel it with these words.

“Trust Me, this definitely Works…!”

Before You Leave, don’t forget to share your views in the comment box below.

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal (WriteIt_Sagar)


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2 Responses to “ARE YOU OUT OF LOVE?”

  1. Akshay says:

    Nice story 🙂
    Trust is indeed something !


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