Beginning with Blogging – My Journey

Dear Readers,

People usually say, that Sky is The Limit, I believe, the sky is just the beginning. 

When I thought about starting my own blog, at first, I stumbled, I hesitated and I feared that I would not be capable enough to Succeed. I thought that I am just a beginner, how would I become successful? But then, I came across the above quote and that is what Inspired me to start writing and there I began and made my account on WordPress and published my First Successful and Introductory Post.

Sagar Agarwal, a writer, who turns out his feelings through the medium of the beautiful world of Writing. There on, he thought to take a leap towards his own Blog, and soon he started writing one and named it WriteIt_Sagar. Yes, that’s me and this Blog is my Achievement.

Initially, I felt it’s too hard, will I be able to still go forward on the path of Extraordinary Success? Will I be able to have my blog as one of the Most Successful Blog and will I be considered into one of the Most Successful Bloggers? Then, I read a beautiful message that my friend shared it on ‘Whatsapp’, which read,

“Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.”

It was the very next moment, that I switched on to my blog and published another post. Today, I feel, that Yes, though I am stumbling in the beginning, I would be successfully enjoying with you’ll somewhere in the middle of the journey, and towards the end, which is Indeed said, “The end is just a New Beginning“. That would certainly be a New Beginning of another Successful Journey.

Why do you think makes me write this post today? This is just an introductory post, how would it help You?
Give it a thought, isn’t the above story somewhat similar to Yours? The stories may differ, as it won’t be Word to Word the same, but there’s always something similar in each story, i.e., You and Me. There is the same Lesson for Me and for You as well.

It is always Hard in the beginning, soothing in the middle and the most beautiful towards the end, which leads you towards a New Beginning.
-Sagar Agarwal

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal (WriteIt_Sagar)


About sagarwal_author

A writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an emerging author.
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2 Responses to Beginning with Blogging – My Journey

  1. Tushar Sonje says:

    Well said Sagar 🙂


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