Calm your mind and Calm Yourself


Hello Friends,

We carry loads of stress and tension upon our heads in our daily lives, don’t we? The stress builds on and on resulting to depression and illness which affects our lives. Don’t you want to bring a change by learning to calm your mind and yourself? Don’t you want to calm your thoughts and let yourself free to the world?

But, you are still in a dilemma, thinking, how is it really possible. Relax, initially, do as following-

take a deep breathe at a slow pace, hold for a second and unhurriedly breathe out.
How do you feel? Calm? Little Better? Relaxed? Read on, this was just the beginning for letting yourself calm down.

Let’s repeat the above for 2 more times, Take a deep breathe at a slow pace, hold for a second and unhurriedly breathe out. Go on, one last time.

By now, you must be feeling chilled and relaxed. Aren’t you? Breathing in this way helps you go in a relax state by letting your mind calm your thoughts. I’ll now take you on a pictorial journey, where you’d see captivating, serene and verdant pictures that will make you happy and will CALM YOUR MIND which will further CALM YOURSELF.

Are you set to begin an extravagantly magnificent experience? Let’s Begin!

Observe the first picture and imagine an exemplary garden with exquisite flowers with variant and bright colors, purple, yellow, white, blue and the colors that makes you feel cool. Look at the picture and imagine yourself sitting on a white chair sipping hot coffee early in the morning. Birds chirping around and butterflies singing their songs and dashing around the flowers. Feel the fresh fragrance of a flower and flow with the rhythm of its mystical music. Have a look at the picture below.

Garden in front of your house

Now, Close your eyes and form a picture of your imaginative garden and imagine all that i had said above and let it soothe yourself. After 2 minutes grab a look at the following lines.

How do you feel sitting peacefully, sipping hot coffee or tea early in the morning? With the cool breeze rejuvenating you, think of a tranquil beginning of the day! You leave for work happily, you enjoy the whole day without stressing yourself and free yourself of the burden of any worries. Grab a look at the following picture and enjoy a calm, stress-less time.

Imagine yourself walking up the stairs surrounded by a lush-green garden

Imagine yourself walking up the stairs surrounded by a lush-green garden

(I had promised a blogging friend that I would write this post and here it is! I hope she’ll have a great time reading it!)

Sagar Agarwal


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A writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an emerging author.
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