Let’s make Resolutions Enjoyable

Its 30th January 2015, the ultimate day and date, when I should be telling you the fact of keeping up with the New Year Resolutions that we had made during the end of the previous year. Most of us lack in following the resolutions that we had set for this particular year, simply because of few such reasons which pushes us to push our resolutions again to the next New Year, i.e., procrastinating it to the next New Year. The reasons could be,

(1) Lack of importance in this year for the particular resolution,
(2) Our very own favorite, the habit of pushing it ahead, and,
(3) People’s most favorite, which we all enjoy having in us, Laziness.

I found out one an amazingly interesting fact, that, if we connect our resolutions to some humorous anecdotes, we tend to follow and complete those resolutions and we even accomplish them faster than those resolutions that are not connected to any entertaining or humorous stories.

So, let’s ride ourselves to some awesome tips which not only will help us set better resolutions in a fantastic way, but will also help us to accomplish them in the deadline that has been set. The number one is the fact which you just read above, so, let’s hop on to Number 2 and follow ahead-

2- Divide your Goals Systematically into sub-parts, i.e. if your resolution is to lose some weight, divide it as, “Let’s jog daily for 25 minutes to lose 4-5kgs weight by the end of February 2015”. This helps one to achieve their goal faster, as it is short and sweet and is also achievable even if one is lazy enough to follow goals which look as if it shall take a lot of hard work.

3- Have opposite statements to your resolutions, i.e. if your resolution is to wake up early, write that down with an opposite statement as, “I won’t wake up early and will enjoy my sleep, so what if I lose on some salary (If a job) or an important project/client plus respect in my office (If in a business).” One such negative statement will help ring a bell in your mind that if I do not wake up early, I will have to suffer a loss, minor or major.

4- Spread the Word. Let it flow on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social networking website where you have an account and which you regularly visit. And, in addition, let your Friends and Family know that, you have set some resolutions and let them also know what resolutions you have set for the New Year.

5- Last, but not the least, associate and/or include with the task/goal some Creative Work. The easiest way is to, Draw out your Goal the way you like it, it needs no perfection, just imagination. Get creative and draw your attention towards your goals. This is one of the best ways to stop procrastinating as it helps drawing one’s attention and makes it one Love the goal.

“New Year Resolutions are actually Promises in a form of Goals, which we do to ourselves for a SUCCESSFUL and a HAPPY new year.”- Sagar Agarwal

Friends, Yes, you are late, but, as it’s very well said, “Better late than never”, let’s not make it more late and just begin with our resolutions, our promises for the betterment of our own lives.

Woo-Hoo, here you go leading a jovial year ahead! Have a tremendously Successful and Joyful Year ahead!

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal


About sagarwal_author

A writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an emerging author.
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