Returning from the sabbatical

Hola Friends,

I was on a sabbatical from writing and it’s good to be on a sabbatical when you want to help yourself. Don’t be confused by thinking “what does he wants to say?” I want to say that to help rejuvenate yourself and to enliven your mind you should go on a long voyage from something that you want to excel in. By keeping yourself away from it, you grow more eager to get back to it, and when you finally revert to your most lovable task/passion you perform that task much better than your previous attempts.

I too, was on such a sabbatical. I wanted to have a peace of mind, a moment with myself where I could express my thoughts in a much better with myself. I went on a voyage to find out what my thoughts had to say, and it’s always aesthetic to be on such a journey. You get to know yourself better and you also pay attention towards the environment and surroundings and this is how you also feel the beauty coming towards you.

We all have our thoughts messed up. These thoughts are a stack of wavering thoughts. These do not have an intended direction and to shuffle your thoughts so that they lead to a better life, it’s always good to be on a sabbatical and enjoy the time. The moment you return from it, you would have had thoughts lined up towards a new you.

Hence, today is the day, when I have returned from the sabbatical towards a new me and towards a marvelous voyage with you all.

Before i bid a bye, let me add,

‘Life is a Trip, plan your next vacation.’- Matthew E. Fryer

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal


About sagarwal_author

A writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an emerging author.
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2 Responses to Returning from the sabbatical

  1. Ayan Pal says:

    Well written! Welcome back Sagar!


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