Define ‘What Success is for You’

Hola Friends,

He thought am asking him the definition of Success. Whereas, I asked him to dive deep into himself and discover What Success means to him and not look for the definition of Success.

I ask you the same today, What is Success, but for you?

Let your thoughts do the dancing to discover what Success means to you.

Let your thoughts do the dancing to discover what Success means to you.

You may have come up with various thoughts by now, but wait, let me add to this. It is not about an achievement of an aim or a purpose, it is about redefining the meaning of Success through the angle of Happiness. What is it that gives you Happiness? What is it that makes ‘YOU’ happy? Define that first.

Success could mean, enjoying some time or a day only with your family. This is what gives you happiness. Success could mean,chit-chatting with your best friend. This is what derives happiness. Success could mean, helping an elderly one to complete their task. This is what makes you Happy. Success could mean spending some time with children who’ve lost their family and have adopted by an organization. Your joy lies in seeing them Happy and this is what Drives Happiness within.

There are various perspectives to look at when defining what success means to you, but, every perspective has a hidden happiness within ourselves and that’s what defines Success. Happiness is Success, Success is Happiness.

Writing an article for the blog could be Success for a budding writer and blogger. Getting to read something interesting and diving into the imagination of the writer could be Success for an avid reader. Getting an announcement a day before, “Tomorrow is a holiday” could be Success for school students. Committing to wake up early in the morning and waking up early, which we hardly follow, could be Success (for almost everyone). Hearing her son/daughter say the word Maa, Mumma for the first time and every time could be Success for a mother. I can keep writing what success could mean to each and everyone, but, it is for you to decide and define, ‘What is Success For You‘. Look out for what makes you happy, explore what could make you happy and jump into the ocean of love to surround yourself with happiness and let happiness make the noise.

As John Assaraf said, My life is what I make it and today I choose to make it a healthy place to be.

So, in that case, What you make out of today, could be Success for you.
When you make your life a healthy place to be in, that could be Success for you.

Why wait, Share in the comments section, WhatsSuccessForYou

Keep Reading, Have a Happy time reading, sharing and commenting.

Sagar Agarwal


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A writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an emerging author.
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