In Love with…..

Hola Readers & Loved Ones,

Love is all around. It’s the ‘Love Week’. Couples in Love walk hand in hand and singles looking for love walk with their eyes on hands. Some smile, some go sad and some may give unfriendly looks, but still, there’s Love all around.

With Valentine’s Day on 14th February 2016, I said to myself, “This is the best time, let me share about My Love now”.

in love with 7

“There’s only one thing to do, Three Words for You”, said I and paused for a moment. I then inhaled so deep as if it was the last minute of my life and chirped, “I LOVE YOU”. These were the first few courageous words of my first attempt while expressing my Love. I continued, “You are not just my life, but also an integral part of my life. My life, my entire time is for you, there is nothing else I want to do. And, I would never want to get away from you.” I unfolded the feelings for my love for another 5 minutes 48 seconds. When I approached towards the end of my words, I whispered, “I cannot say about the outcome, whether I will succeed or I will not, I just know that I have left a mark on your heart and you would never forget what I have said” and went back…

…to my seat as the audience applauded for my fabulous first speech.

Yes, I have been writing about ‘my love‘ – Public Speaking. 

in love with 3

It is Public Speaking which has been my passion and my love. It is something that keeps me going, something that keeps me alive and something that is Creative, Colorful and Charismatic. When I am on the stage, I fail to feel about the not so good things in life and feel only the things that make me happy.

It was once that I feared Public Speaking, but today, I am deeply in love with it. I can express myself better, I can speak my heart out and I can connect with the people smoothly.

I began my tour of public speaking in 2012 as I was introduced to ‘Toastmasters’, a forum where one practice giving speeches and performs various leadership roles. I, too, did the same. First I tried attempting Impromptu Speeches in the first 2 meetings, I then performed a few roles like Timer and Ah Counter. Later as I built some confidence to speak in a room of 25 people, I attempted my first speech. This continued and is still being continued, and today, I not only practice, but I also Coach. I have my own Coaching Workshops and Sessions where I help others express themselves to and in the public.

If you are thinking that maybe towards the end I would also speak about some’one’ I love, No, I would not say about someone I love (‘If‘ I do) because that’s not what I would be speaking about now. (Hey and I do not, so stop thinking that I might be…)

Love can surely be for ‘anyone’, but it can also be for ‘anything’.
– Sagar Agarwal

Keep Loving, Keep Smiling.

Sagar Agarwal


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