From Frustration to Happiness

It’s frustrating! When you are trying to hold on to something very important and there is someone, right on the door, to step in your ‘focus zone’, and say, ‘Hey buddy, I am here’. And, the feeling that you would come up with, at that moment, would exactly be the same that I felt today.

Haven’t you been into such a situation, when you were trying to give your attention to something very important and the next minute itself, there is someone or the other, who has to do such an irritating task which leads to an uproar?

Why does it has to happen, only when one is trying to get his/her attention towards the most important thing of his day? It is something like ‘you took your seat in front of the Television in your room, switched it on, went to a channel and had just started watching your favorite movie and hey, your favorite dialogue is here…

… and a bike making a booming sound passes from there!’ Damn it! Won’t you be exasperated?

That is it! I too was annoyed today!

Being a writer, I love it when the environment around is cool and calm. And, today, I found such a place! Without even waiting for a single moment, I picked up my pen and my book, that is soon to be published and jumped straight to the lovely garden in my locality.

I was in immense love with the tranquility of the place. The sweet sound of birds singing their songs, the tree leaves swaying and the somewhat cool breeze that flew around the garden took my heart away. It was such a peaceful and magnificent time that I was spending. It was just 15 minutes that I had started the editing process and a bunch of kids came running into the garden and landed exactly at the same place where I was sitting.

Nooooooo! Just in 2 minutes of their arrival, the tranquil, lovable and cool garden was now a home for the hurricane that had just arrived.

How am I supposed to sit with ‘calm’, ‘think’ and ‘edit’ my book in such a hustle-bustle?

That was it, I said to me, ‘No more, am going!’ And, immediately that thought struck my mind, ‘Look at the kids, they are so happy. Just keep glancing at them and you will have the world’s happiest time’. And yes, I did. I was enjoying more than I enjoyed writing. Haha, Yes. Sometimes and many-a-times, happiness comes from seeing others be happy. That is a different kind of feeling altogether and then, you too feel, that let’s jump into this pool of happiness and forget all worries. It’s amazing!

This post was more of my experience today, from frustration to happiness. Well, before a bid a bye, let me also tell, my book that is soon to be published is also on the factors of happiness (there is more to it, soon to come).

Feeling the frustration is ok, going through is ok again, but remember you should not remain in it for a longer time. Keep enjoying and find happiness in the smallest of the things.

Keep Smiling and Keep Loving and you will see happiness all around you.


Keep Reading,
Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal


About sagarwal_author

A writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an emerging author.
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