Humans and Humanity

I went through a beautiful line that read, ‘I see Humans, But no Humanity’. To which extent do you feel it is true?

It was around 2.30pm, 18th March 2016, i.e., yesterday, I was driving towards my shop. Something unusual took place. There was an old man, passing by, with a stick in his hand and black glasses on his eyes. He was blind, actually, ‘differently abled’. And, he was seeking some help to cross the path.

I just drove away. But, my heart could not accept it and I immediately took a ‘U Turn’ and went to help him cross the path. When I helped him, he did not even think for a second before saying, “God Bless You Beta (Son), iss anjan insan ki madat karne ke liye shukriya (Thank You for helping this unknown soul)”. I did ask him, “Uncle, can I leave you somewhere?”, he replied, “No Son, I have come outside to take a walk, so you may leave towards your destiny, Thank You”. I was amazed. A man who could not see through his eyes, was walking all the way from his home, all alone.

And, as I took almost 2 minutes to drive back to him and to help him cross the road, what I observed during that moment was, ‘Not even a single person passing by helped him’! Pathetic!

Does that mean, it is only ourselves we want to live for? Or would it be better to say that we are mean-spirited? Yes, Absolutely! A person just wanted someone to hold his hand and help him reach the corner of the road to avoid any accident. And, we could not even do such a small act? Shameful, its the same for me, I too had to THINK for this? That was disgraceful!

But, I would really appreciate that I came back to my senses and I drove back to led him an hand.

Humanity Quotes with images

From there on, I decided to never let go such a moment to help someone/anyone I can.

The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one. SO TRUE! Let’s be one!

There is just one thing I would urge you all to do is: Be Humans! You have an entire life to spend for yourself, spending an hour or even 30 minutes of your day to help someone would really make a difference. If not even that, when you pass by some area/street etc and you see some needy, try to help him/her in some or the other way. Contribute to his/her happiness and when you try to spread happiness in someone else’s life, you too get a piece of happiness and Happiness too will make its way in your life.

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Also, I would love to know your views/comments in the comments section.

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal


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10 Responses to Humans and Humanity

  1. Mahevash says:

    A great learning lesson for all of us. Great post 🙂


  2. Shweta saraf says:

    Beautiful post Sagar..”if u cant find one, be one”.
    Small effort can make a big change….☺

    Liked by 1 person

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