Contribution and Gratitude

Have you ever made a ‘contribution’? A contribution towards helping one come out of confusion? Or contributing by assisting someone to solve a problem?

Beautifully expressed by Stephen R.Covey ‘The key to life is not accumulation. It is Contribution.’

18th March 2016, I received an email from an unknown person, who went on to become a good friend of mine. You might be thinking, ‘that person must have offered a business proposal or money’, Nah! What he offered was, Gratitude!

The reason he thanked me for was too small- I had answered a question to help him out with his confusion on Quora. That was it! I never thought that someone would write to me to express gratitude for a contribution towards improving his/her life, but he did. (Just a moment, I am not an advertiser for Quora, I am only speaking about my experience on Quora as I pitched in to answer someone’s questions. But, let me tell you, that was absolutely exhilarating. I decided to answer as many as I can.)

When I started answering a few questions, I began to enjoy it. I read the questions, thought about them, gave a look at the answers provided before me, framed an appropriate answer (it should never mislead or create more confusions) and then I replied to the questions.

Doing this, I not only enjoyed it, but I also got to know what others might think of the same question and how would they try to answer it (People’s opinions). Second, this helped ‘me’ to make more friends and grow my network. Third, it helped ‘me’ in understanding other’s thinking and helped ‘me’ to have a clear flow of thoughts.

When you contribute towards others life, it also adds it to your life. You contribute to help him come out of the ‘problematic balloon’ and somehow or the other, your problems too would be running away.

Talking about that person who became a good friend of mine, he is a jolly good fellow and is now enjoying his life, the way he should be doing it. But, he did not forget one thing, to take a moment to express Gratitude to those, who took one moment to guide him towards ‘what could be right’.

I think, I would answer more questions on Quora and would help more people come to solutions. And, not just Quora, be it anywhere or anyhow, Contribute to someone’s life, without expectations, and you too, would get abundant happiness in return (but never wait for it to come, just keep moving ahead)

Keep Reading, Keep Sharing.

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal


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A writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an emerging author.
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One Response to Contribution and Gratitude

  1. Mahevash says:

    Agreed. If you help someone, you also help yourself.
    Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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