Forgive and Enjoy

Forgive others as quickly as you wish to be happy. Happiness and Forgiveness walk hand in hand.

When you forgive, you in no way change the past – but you sure do change the future. – Bernard Meltzer

Decide what you want, a worried and tensed future or a peaceful and blissful future? Would you like to carry the trash with you and keep smelling? Does it feel pleasant to you? I am sure of the answer, “Obviously Not!”. So, why carry an unpleasant memory of the past, when you can forgive and smile?

Forgiveness helps to decrease the problem and increase the bond. It brightens up your life and rejuvenates you.

It was just yesterday (25/03/2016), when someone drove his vehicle rashly, bumping into my bike. “Oh hell, this collision will lead to a heavy repair!” I was fuming over the careless driving of a 25-year-old man, who was hurriedly driving his way back home. I could not control myself and said, “Wait you dumb head, are you color blind, can you not see the signal?”, but then I realized, ‘it is affecting my mood. And, this is affecting my present moment too, I will be sucked into frustration throughout the day and similarly for the other person’. I took a deep breath and let the anger evaporate by making way for it out of my mind.

I chose to ‘forgive’ and live in the moment, enjoy the moment and make way for a ‘cheerful’ future. If I would have chosen to drive him to the police station or get to a fight on the street, I would have had ‘diminished’ my happiness, my joyful moment and my smile.

In the 24 hour cycle, we come across infinite moments to get angry or frustrated, but, if we chose to smile at it, forgive and be happy, our lives would be much simple and jovial. We come across situations which have absolutely nothing to blow our heads on, but we still chose to go furious.

A few examples to consider-

  • The manager said something, which you could not take it and because it was not your fault, you were annoyed. In such a case, ‘forgive’, it was not your fault, so why worry and get annoyed on such a thing? If it was your fault, again, ‘forgive and forget’, because it was your fault, he/she has to meet the deadline and even answer his/her seniors. Focus on making it better and accomplishing what you have to do Now, i.e., Smile and Keep doing your task.
  • In a relationship, he/she is not answering your call and it has been an entire day, he/she did not revert. You are now frustrated and you want to leave a text, ‘Where are you? I have been calling you since morning, this is not done; you could have had replied once!. You do not want to talk to me, do you?’ In this case, you are spoiling your relationship. Wait, keep patience and forgive. He/she is your better half, there could have been some serious problem in his/her life. You do not have to get angry if he/she has not replied. It could also be that he/she must have been busy or his/her mobile might have got damaged. There could be multiple reasons for this situation. Instead of getting angry, go check out what the problem is and try helping him/her.

Calm down, hug yourself and smile. Things will soon cool down. You only need to ‘Forgive and Enjoy’.


Forgiveness-let us forgive

Forgive to Live a Happy ‘Now’ and a Joyful ‘Future’


Keep Reading, Keep Smiling and Keep Sharing.

I would appreciate if you could spare a minute to leave a comment. Let us discuss.

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal


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