The ‘pinch of inspiration’

The Twenty-20 Cricket Match between India and Australia saw an amazing performance from both the teams but witnessed a thrilling performance towards the end of the match by Virat Kohli and M.S. Dhoni.

Initially, 161 runs seemed such a nail-biting task. One after the another, 4 masterly players were knocked off by the brilliant bowlers of Australia. The pressure climbed higher and higher. But, as Virat and Dhoni took over the pitch, the entire ‘doomed’ match, now turned to ‘Win-India-Win’ Match

Virat and Dhoni had somewhere entered into a loss of ‘inspiration’ as 4 exceptional players were knocked off. Overs left were few, they were yet to settle on the pitch and they had no chance of ‘testing’ how they can face the balls from the opponent. But, from nowhere, Virat transformed into a master-blaster and Dhoni helped him in every bit of it by running for two’s.

This ‘sudden transformation’ might have led from the ‘pinch of inspiration’ that, ‘Yes, We can do it’.


Is it so difficult to believe in ourselves? Is it not better to say a ‘No’ to ‘worry’ and ‘Yes’ to ‘The power in you’? Instead of leading to disaster or failure, let us drive the ability in ourselves with a ‘Yes, I can’ attitude.

Remember: The next moment you fall short of inspiration, take that ‘pinch of inspiration’ present right inside you and say, “Yes, I Can!”- Sagar Agarwal

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Keep Smiling, Keep Reading and Keep Sharing.

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal


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