“Who will win, ‘I or Time’?”

What would the result be if you tend to hurry unnecessarily? And, would you love to be in a fuss by hurrying, which will further make it 10x times messier for you?

‘Impatience is a sign of hurrying; hurrying is a sign of worrying; worrying is a sign someone forgot time is on their side’ : The Universe

We are in such a hurry that we do not want to put in 3-4 minutes of quality time for something worth it.

When in office, we feel that completing it faster means ‘hurriedly’ completing your tasks. When we want to go somewhere and we are at home, we feel that to do things fast means to ‘rush’, for reasons like ‘I want to reach early’, whereas, it actually means, ‘I do not want to reach late’, which we already do!

I have been observing since a long time, but could not express, which I would like to do so now. Consider, it’s 9.30am, you are on your bike towards the office. You have to reach office by 10.00am and you also have to visit the temple. But, as you are running late, you begin driving from your home and reach near the temple in 15 minutes. But, instead of going inside, you avoid parking your vehicle and you pray by being on the bike itself! Is that the right? Was it to be done in that way?

You are in a hurry and that is why you do not want to put in more time by going inside, right? That is Freaking! You know you have to visit the temple on your way, so you can leave 10 minutes early.

It is not just about visiting a temple, but it is about, putting in more time. Think about the quality of task you did in a rush, could you meet all expectations? Could you present it with effectiveness? Were you happy or just satisfied?

My only advice to you is that: Kick off the ‘hurry’ from your life, Now! Take some more time, it is completely okay! Why hurry when you can take some more time and enjoy the process? Would you like to hurry while driving and meet with an accident? Is that what  your family or friends are expecting from you? I am sure, not!

Be Quick, but, don’t hurry. – John Wooden


Grab a little more time, Smile and Enjoy.

So, who would be the winner, ‘You’ or ‘Time’?

Keep Smiling, Keep Reading and Keep Sharing.

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal

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