‘To say or not to say’, Just say it…

‘To say or not to say’, oh come on, Just say it…What has been holding you back? You want to say something, but you prefer not saying anything!


I have been witnessing that we hesitate to say what we really want to say. We want to discuss and talk about the controversial but interesting topics, but, we do not. We want to express our love, but, we do not. We want to say the truth, but, we do not. Some questions to ponder upon and carry in this voyage of ‘To say or not to say’ –

  1. Why does hesitancy hold you back from speaking your heart out?
  2. Why do you feel that the other person would not like to talk or hear about it?
  3. Did you ever try talking/discussing on the same with someone?

Let us take a look at the first point, i.e., the first question – Hesitancy

It is just a feeling that whether ‘I should or I should not’, similar to, ‘Does he/she like me or does he/she not’. That is it, why think so much? Go straight away and say it. What worst can happen in both the cases? In the first, anger or irritation may strike up, that is perfectly fine. Say a sorry and move to another topic. In the second, he/she may tend to go away from you, what you now need to do is, say a sorry and change things up, be friends again. (Relax, this will take some time, but, things would be normal soon)

Let us drive towards the second point/question– ‘You feel the other person might not like it’

You are assuming without even attempting to talk. Can you imagine a 2-year-old child ‘thinking’ what others would think before playing in his/her home? Will a child assume that his parents would not like if he plays? An obvious answer, No! Similar is your situation. Just let it go, skip the assumptions and fear that he/she may not like it and try to open the conversation. It could be that he/she is waiting for you to begin the conversation.

Let us now come to our third point/question– Did you try?

Something is stopping you from trying it out. That something might be ‘that you are scared to talk’.

try it

Perfectly placed quote (in the above picture). If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try. Get on your knees and say it (not exactly getting on your knees, but say it). It will not harm you if you give it a try, but, it will definitely ruin you if you do not, as that will wander around in your mind every now and then.

Something similar happened around me. I and my friend were discussing that we people do not like to talk about ‘Porn’, ‘Sex’, ‘Politics’, ‘Religion’, ‘Love Marriage’, ‘Inter-caste Marriage’ and similarly, we people think too much before saying ‘I love you’ to someone we really love. But, we like to watch Porn, though furtively; think about sex, but would never attempt to say the word in open; would keep dreaming and thinking about the one we love and how to impress him/her, but would hesitate, leave I love you, to even talk any thing else; and, would keep eating yourself up, for not having said the truth to someone you wanted to, but would not say it.

This is what has been happening since a long time. Some have tried it and did not hesitate to talk, but many are still in the cocoon of hesitancy and fear. I can completely understand that cultures could make some difference, but, come on, you have to give it a voice sometime or the other, so why not now? You can talk about a controversial topic with your best friends, close friends, girlfriend/boyfriend about it, you can try to say what you feel to the one you love and explain him/her how it began and how it went on. If things work out, good for you, if it does not, a sorry and some space and time would surely bring things back to normal.

We all have opinions, we just suppress it for reasons like ‘Will it be liked or not’. ‘To say or not to say’, oh come on, Just say it…

I would love to hear what you have to say it.

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal

Disclaimer: I do not support any immoral activities (do not misunderstand the content of this topic, try to understand the reason behind it). Have a jovial time reading it and kindly accept what needs to be changed.

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