Public Speaking- Should you ‘Run Away’ or ‘Face It’?

I remember how I hid in a corner and how I ran away from events and gatherings. I remember how nothing strikes the mind when I had to speak or act in front of people, even if I had prepared multiple times for it.

I was in 7th when I took part in the Elocution competition in my school. My hands were shivering, I could not stand and my hands could not even hold the mike. Nervous, I asked my teacher to place it in front of me, which then helped me calm down, to an extent. But, I still had to speak to the audience. Nothing other than the feeling of ‘running away’ could cross my way. I was given a minute before I could begin but 30 seconds had already passed.

My teacher could get an obvious sight of the nervousness and she then stood in the audience to encourage me. I had to start now, and I anyhow began, “Once upon a time….” and I continued until the last line of the story, “They all lived happily ever after.” The applause was encouraging, but, I was still tensed and had no idea what to do. Making my way I the audience, I covered my face to feel as if no one is looking at me.

It was then announced, “the 2nd place goes to….. Sagar Agarwal” and I was bouncing in happiness, my smile moved closer and closer to my ears.

Since then, my interest in Public Speaking grew by leaps and bounds.

It is all about beginning. Gather all the confidence in any manner you can, and just shoot the words, everything will run as smoothly as you must have never thought of. One, two, three and begin, don’t worry about how and what would you say and what would the people looking at you say, just go for it.

Do not run away from it. The more you run, the more you will be tied with fear. Break the chains and face the fear.



Came through this beautiful quote. It says it all in just ‘9 words’.


I landed upon this topic as I have observed that most people fear speaking (glossophobia) and get nervous in front of an audience, no matter what the number could be, 4 or 5 or 100 (and I too once feared and still do get nervous at times; it is obvious, you have to present yourself to an audience and have to be good), but could be comfortable speaking one-to-one. I also read a friend’s blog and thought of sharing my experience of how I tried to get rid of it slowly and steadily. And, I am still practicing it everyday as I train people to get rid of this fear. I also did write about it to express myself on the widely spoken topic, Public Speaking, which is not only being about, but is also an essential skill that is a requirement everywhere.

More to come along the way.

Keep Reading, Keep Smiling.

Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal


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  1. Mahevash says:

    Inspirational stuff 🙂

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