Can You? You Can…

How did it feel when you had to appear on a stage? Okay, let us forget a stage, how did it feel when you had to take a decision regarding your life, your career and you could not easily do that? Nervous? Broken? Confused?


You must have heard/read this everywhere. To quote a few, the book/movie The Secret or Henry Ford’s quote or some or the other story that said the same about you being capable of taking that decision, of doing that thing you think you cannot, but you can, and all, but in different ways.

The thing is, we do not realize it until and unless we do not Face the situation! The quote below, by Henry Ford, says-

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

Absolutely! At this moment, you would tell me one simple thing, ‘Bro, tell us something else, I KNOW THIS! It is getting like repeat telecast of the TV series!’ Let me tell you once again in a different manner,

Even if you know this you aren’t really doing anything! 

That’s what happened with me. I know this quote and have read multiple times, but it’s always been the same for me, it did not change the way I think, because, I did not really do anything! But, this time, what happened was, I was supposed to participate in a Speech Evaluation Contest, but until the last moment I kept denying that I do not want to, I am not feeling well and I do not feel confident that I’ll do well. I kept feeling and giving all kinds of reasons possible, just because I WASN’T CONFIDENT AND SURE THAT I CAN! I gave my name for participation way back, but, I kept denying I can’t participate, I am not feeling well, I don’t feel I can participate.

Then came the contest day, ONLY 20 minutes to go… and, I STILL wasn’t sure about my participation. But then, somehow, I do not know How, I said, “Okay, I will participate”. Not just this, during the contest too, I did take down notes, I did my part, but, I was reluctant to give that shot. The contestants were then escorted to a different room where they couldn’t hear other participants speak and they were called upon one by one to deliver their attempts.

The 1st contestant went, and only 2 more left, my heart beats went up, hands got cold, I was too nervous to even sit there, the 2nd contestant, then the 3rd and now, in 2 minutes was my time to go and give my shot. Still in 2 minds, with nervousness all over me, I just took a deep breath and said to myself, “Dude, What? Just chill! You have been doing this since years. I know you are nervous but IT IS OKAY! Relax and think about your first 2 lines, everything will then flow!” I did the same (I had already prepared my notes/evaluation, but the opening statement was always important, so I just gave a thought), and prepared what should I speak of in the initial 15-20 seconds and Magically (yeah, actually it was like a magic) it just went on smoothly and I enjoyed the evaluation as I was then confident about giving that attempt and that too in the manner I had thought of.

I did not worry about winning or losing because I wanted to attempt and give that shot in the best manner I can to bring that change in me, to get better every time I speak/attempt. When the results were being announced, the one I thought would come first, was at the second place! (I had not heard her evaluation, but did know that she is experienced and good too, so she would win, but No, she was at the 2nd place) And, then… I started thinking, “Who’s first then?” (That thought, Oh Yeah, if not that person, then it is me, and the happiness bursting and jumping inside cannot really be described here! I don’t mean I did not give my best, but yes, I was very happy with my performance, as it was the best, but I just never thought of Winning it) You know what’s next, The first place goes to Sagar Agarwal. (You know it, how happy I was, but I did not just show it on my face, as I was confused, to jump up high or to cheer for myself as loud as I can or just go there, take the certificate, get a picture clicked and come back. Obviously, I did the last part 😀 )

All I want to say is, 

If you think you can, You CAN. If you think you cannot, YOU CANNOT. Even if people tell you, ‘ Do it, do it’, you cannot if you think you cannot. (And, let me tell you, there were some people who told me that I can and I should just go for it, but I didn’t as I thought I cannot) But, You can, it is all about changing what you think to be able to do whatever you want to. You want to get out of that routine life, You can, no one would force you IF you decide to go for it under any circumstances. Believe you can and You can! If I could, why can’t you? 


Image Source: theintrovertedman

You definitely can. Give it a thought! (Share with me your story of How you did it and feel the pride and the happiness gleaming!)

Stay Connected,
Sagar Agarwal
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