To be proud of or Not-to-be proud of…?

Complicated. It’s Complicated. What do you think I’m talking about? Facebook that allows us to say that our relationship is Complicated? No Way! ‘Relationship’ is a very deep subject to talk about right now! So what is it that I am trying to say by saying ‘It’s Complicated’?

It’s the 70th Independence Day for India (us) and yes, I would not have a problem to say that, many of us would be either uploading the Facebook status or the Whatsapp status or could be tweeting about it on Twitter or any other social networking sites. I do not feel proud to say that! It is a shame for ourselves that we ‘wish’ each other a Happy Independence Day but do not anything apart from that.

We see a Patriot inside us ‘on’ Independence Day or ‘on’ Republic Day but on days other than these, what we see is a Selfish person, who hardly cares about the country with a reason : ‘Why should I care if others don’t?’ (THIS UNCARING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A CITIZEN AND THE COUNTRY IS COMPLICATED and This is what I want to say by saying It’s Complicated)



Those who think this or might be thinking this, my message is for those people : Don’t you hesitate before saying such a thing? You Live in the country which gave you everything. You are what you are today only because this country accepted you and set you free to do whatever you want to, so why not care about it? Don’t you care about yourself and do whatever it takes to keep you fresh and happy every day? I am not asking you to do something extraordinary. If you do few things that help the country in any manner, it would be more than enough. For example, a small contribution by planting 3 trees a month (it is nothing if compared to your daily routine) would be helpful to a great extent.


Place your country before yourself, because your country gave you birth and not you gave birth to the country! Also remember : Stand for the national anthem, give the national anthem its due respect! And, PLEASE, do not throw/leave the National Flag, carry it with you and feel proud to carry it with yourself. It is your responsibility to take care. (I don’t think I should be saying this, but I have seen people not standing up for the national anthem)

Our country lies before us, anything we could do for it would be highly appreciable. Those who do respect the country and do whatever it takes to contribute, my salutations to them. But, many a time it happens that we do something for recognition. My humble request us that don’t think about getting recognized, Just Do It. Keep Contributing and don’t worry about the rewards, life will get you the deserved reward whenever it feels the time is right.

Happy Independence Day.

Stay Connected,
Sagar Agarwal

Complicated (TheDailyPost)


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3 Responses to To be proud of or Not-to-be proud of…?

  1. Kirti says:

    I wuld surely contribute something to our country today!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mansi says:

    I will never ever throw any garbage around or dirty my mother nation. I promise


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