Feel the sky…

Have you ever seen the sky? If you say, Yes, the sky is blue in color, it has clouds, Sun, Moon and stars and birds fly high in the sky, Then, You really haven’t seen the sky! Mark my words, You Haven’t Seen the Sky. The sky holds something very special that you have missed it out.

Take a look at the picture that I clicked. (I was waiting at the signal at around 6.25pm and that is when I could grab this beauty in my mobile)


What do you see in this picture is- (1) The dazzling sun (even though it’s time for the sun to end it’s round) which spreads its unstoppable light through the clouds. (2) The sky that gives the sun the space to spread its wings. (3) No one can take their eyes off from the striking view that the entire scenario is generating.

Let me help you understand how this connects with us-

  1. We are that dazzling sun that can spread its light everywhere and to the maximum potential. Even during our weak times, we have the power, what’s keeping us aback is the Realization. Believe that we can.
  2. This world is full of opportunities and it does help us with the space to spread our wings, all we need to do is Take that plunge, Grab that Moment, Make a dive and run for it.
  3. No one can take their eyes off from us when we do something special in our lives that generate the striking view. For instance, exemplary performance in examination, or taking that extra effort to accomplish the task in the office, or appreciating, loving and doing something for our family every day.

There is abundance in everything and if the sky is so wide that it can cover us all, why can we not be exuberant and do at least 1% of what the sky does and grow in this world of unlimited opportunities.

Take a look at the sky again and Think how you can spread your wings!

Stay Connected,
Sagar Agarwal


About sagarwal_author

Sagar Agarwal is the Director of ExpressIt Academy (Training-Mentoring-Guiding for Public Speaking, Personality Development, English Communication & Business). He is also a writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an author.
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4 Responses to Feel the sky…

  1. Mahevash says:

    Stunning shot and inspiring words 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, I’ve read up some other of your posts along with that one and you’ve got a really inspiring way to look things! I love it! 🙂


    • Hi, Thank You so much. So, here’s some Thanks for a list of things – 1. Putting in time to read the posts. ; 2. For, putting in more time to write a feedback/opinion. ; 3-And, in advance, for reading more of my posts. 😀 😛

      Sagar Agarwal, CEO,
      ExpressIt Academy


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