Idea to Business

Hola Amigos,

It’s India v/s Pakistan again. Who will win ‘India or Pakistan’? What will happen in the match? Who will be disappointed? These are the most trending questions in everybody’s mind. We all have mixed responses as each one of us has different opinions. “But, whoever wins, this would be another memorable match” said a friend. This is how an idea takes place, after which,…

…we begin to draw questions about what will happen when this is opened to the market, what will the results be, will any investor be happy to invest, or will it be rejected, will it win the audience, or will it fail? Will we able to recover the invested cost? And, if yes, when?

To read more about bringing your idea into an actionable business plan, read my post on EFCInk – From an Idea to an actionable business plan.

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Sagar Agarwal, CEO,
ExpressIt Academy



About sagarwal_author

Sagar Agarwal is the Director of ExpressIt Academy (Training-Mentoring-Guiding for Public Speaking, Personality Development, English Communication & Business). He is also a writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an author.
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