Love or Arranged

The trending question of the era, after what stream should be selected is, ‘Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage, what would you go for?’

If you think I would discuss the pros and cons and will help you find which one is better, I request you to please stop expecting the unexpected, and open your eyes to the unanswerable question. Let me also bring to your notice that every line on this post is completely my personal opinion (as it is always) and one should not be judge on the voice that speaks about this topic.


‘Marriage is that agreement where you accept the Terms and Conditions without reading and understanding it’, a statement that we’ve heard umpteen times. Yeah, though I am not an experienced one but I can assure you of the statement being a fact. This applies to both, men and women.

Let us first understand what is Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage.

Love Marriage is like a brand new garden where exquisite and fragrant flowers bloom and every inch of the grass holds the dew drops. And, when you are in the midst of such a divine garden, the experience of the ravishing feeling is immeasurable. Certainly, that is Love Marriage. But, if that garden has been well cared for and maintained, then and only then, it continues to be divine. But, that is not possible in every case. There are ups and downs, lows and highs, which bit by bit affects the aesthetic and pleasing view of the garden and love in love marriages. Exactly!  Love Marriage looks amazing, initially. With time, the sweet and sizzling hot relationship fades and turns to be a sour and burning hot relationship, because both husband and wife did not take effective steps to strengthen the relationship. (Kindly Note: it succeeds, yes, it does, but only when the duo keeps themselves positive throughout and contributes in the family without any expectations. Once the family is Happily Settled with the thought of acceptance, then the duo is free of worries.)

Arranged Marriage is that garden which is well planted and already being taken care of. A garden is already set, where, every inch, every flower and every plant & tree spreads beauty, it looks appealing and extremely beautiful. It looks to us as one of the best (which may or may not be), because the duo doesn’t meet each other first, they are liked and chosen by their families (in the early ages, acceptance of the duo didn’t matter, which thankfully matters now). All you have to do here is, maintain the garden, i.e., take well care of each other, contribute in the family, spend equal time, and most important, take care that conflict of interests doesn’t give rise to any conflict between both (you & your partner & you as duo and the family).

Whatever you choose, always keep your head cool, things clear and sacrifice something (if needed), and never state to anyone that you’ve sacrificed for their happiness, because it meant happiness for you too. Stating and Saying that you have sacrificed something or the other, will ruin everyone’s life completely.

Keep Smiling,
Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal, CEO,
ExpressIt Academy


About sagarwal_author

Sagar Agarwal is the Director of ExpressIt Academy (Training-Mentoring-Guiding for Public Speaking, Personality Development, English Communication & Business). He is also a writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an author.
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