Everything or Something?

Hola Amigos,

Do you know what ‘lack of complete information‘ does to us? Read it again, Lack of…Complete Information. We do have some information about what’s going on, but not the complete fact! What do I mean by this?


You might have heard about Wise people. These are people who do not argue, they state a point, if it is accepted, well and good, and even if it is not, it doesn’t matter, as they know – this is how they think and live by and that wouldn’t change, so don’t lose your mind over arguing or even discussing in such cases. Coming to the point of what I mean by complete information – either you know ‘everything’ about the discussion/ the problem or you know ‘something’. You obviously know what these two words – Everything & Something mean!

Let’s say, in the midst of the traffic, a woman and a man is having a heated argument over something. What would be our perceptions? Either the man might be driving fast and might have hit the car/bike, or, the woman might have been driving slow and pressed the brake urgently which led to the banging of the vehicles. Here, I assumed, with what speed did someone drove and what might have led the accident which was now followed by the argument. Could it not be that, nothing as such happened, they might be relatives / family / friends who aren’t good with each other and with a hot head are arguing over their personal issues? Such things are becoming prevalent these days, and again, this ‘could be’ one probability, we could be wrong here as well.

We see things and assume it to be true, as if what we see is the right thing, and whatever we then know, is not at all wrong. What era are we living in? Misunderstandings, due to such misconceptions and misinterpretations, are on a rise, which have been further devastating trust and relationships.

Keep Smiling,
Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal, CEO
ExpressIt Academy


About sagarwal_author

Sagar Agarwal is the Director of ExpressIt Academy (Training-Mentoring-Guiding for Public Speaking, Personality Development, English Communication & Business). He is also a writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an author.
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