Your Special Day…

Hola Amigos,

What will you do on your special day, i.e., Your Birthday? Clubbing? Discotheque? Spend time with the nature? Be with your family, feel loved and party with them? Spend time with friends? There’s so much to do, but does it happen that you cannot come up with ideas for your birthday?


Frustration pumps up when you are highly excited for your birthday and there’s nothing you could plan till the last minute. The same happened with me on my birthday. I had a plan but wasn’t sure about it being executed, and I had a doubt whether people involved in it will like to come along. And, that didn’t go as planned.

But, do I need to talk what did not happen? I don’t think so, because, there were so many things done for my birthday that made me feel extremely special. My loving family had a mind-blowing plan that began right at 00:00 on 30th April. We celebrated till 2:00 am and it was such an entertainment that one cannot forget it for his/her lifetime. This page and blog wouldn’t be enough to write about all the beautiful things that happened on 30th April.

Hey, but why am I writing about this? The sole reason being : don’t get disheartened if nothing is planned, just go with the flow, be with the ones who will make you feel special (i.e., your family and friends). I got disheartened, but the moment the day began, everything felt amazing (i was on cloud 9 and stunned too).

Your special day can be special by just being Simple. By having spent time with the loved ones, by talking about what-so-ever you wish to, by just listening to people (i personally love this) and by having fun time with them, by taking a day off from work and your daily routine and by doing many such Simple activities that gives you pleasure which equals to being Happy. So End being frustrated and disheartened, and with a smile fill your day with Abundant Happiness.

Also, if you would like to share what you did on your birthday, and help people with ideas, share it in the comments (elaborating your experience is accepted).


Yours Truly,
Sagar Agarwal, CEO,
ExpressIt Academy


About sagarwal_author

Sagar Agarwal is the Director of ExpressIt Academy (Training-Mentoring-Guiding for Public Speaking, Personality Development, English Communication & Business). He is also a writer, blogger, trainer, an entrepreneur, and an author.
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